July 15, 2015 Health

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, which sprang from the medical practice of Dr. William Worral Mayo in 1864, has grown to become one of the most extraordinary and respected health organizations on the planet.

The largest integrated nonprofit medical group in the world, Mayo Clinic has essentially three sides to it: an educational component that includes free medical websites reaching as many as 50 million patients a month, plus online tools for doctors; a research component that makes life-saving medical discoveries; and a medical practice centered around its top-rated hospital in Rochester, Minnesota that attracts over 1 million patients annually.

Among Mayo Clinic’s numerous appealing policies is an extensive array of training programs, both in-house and through third parties, in part so it can retain Millennials who are driven to keep improving their skills and learning new ones. As Grace M. Gorringe told us, if a company fails to adopt a “talent mindset…if you’re not giving people opportunities…they will leave the organization.” Director of Allied Health Recruitment Brent T. Bultema added that Mayo Clinic’s success at allowing its people to take on multiple careers is indicated by it typically filling 60%-70% of its 4,000-5,000 annual job openings internally.

Needless to say, Mayo Clinic offers its employees a health benefits package that’s among the best on Earth.

And another advantage of Mayo Clinic is it fulfills the desire of many Millennials to make the world a better place—because it allows you to work at continually finding more effective ways of easing suffering and saving lives.

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Guest: Brent Bultema and Grace Gorringe

Company website: http://mayoclinic.org 

Careers page: http://mayoclinic.org/jobs

Mayo Clinic

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