Automattic, Inc. is a web development corporation founded in 2005 that’s created such popular services as Akismet, Jetpack, and VaultPress.

However, Automattic is most famous for its blog hosting giant, which is available in 137 languages. Marketing Manager Sara Rosso told us that in its first 10 years hosted 2.5 billion posts and 3 billion comments. Rosso explained that blogs are great because they help people with similar interests but who may live nowhere near each other “find their tribe.”

Automattic actually epitomizes this concept, as it has no physical office; its nearly 400 employees (who span 36 countries) work wherever and whenever they want. As Rosso put it, “People can decide, even from one week to the next, where to make their home office…(and) you can set your own hours to when you think you’re most effective.”

Rosso also noted an open door policy isn’t necessary because “there aren’t closed doors anywhere…you can get hold of any person in the company at any time.”

Employees maintain community via internal blogs that are visible to everyone in the organization, and by monthly virtual town hall meetings.


So if choosing your own work hours and location sounds more appealing than commuting to a 9-to-5 office, a job with a company such as Automattic is very much worth considering.

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