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Ultimate Software, which was founded in 1990 by CEO Scott Scherr, is a leader in cloud-based personnel management software. Its award-winning UltiPro helps over 2,800 companies automate all HR-related tasks, including hiring, payroll, benefits, time and labor management, appraisals, and compliance–or, as Vice President of Talent Laura Lee Gentry put it, “manage all phases of the employee life cycle, from hire to retire.”

UltiPro can be used by any organization, but business sectors that are especially heavy users of it include communications, finance, healthcare, retail, technology, transportation, and sports (e.g., Major Leauge Baseball) in the US and Canada. According to Gentry, user satisfaction is exceptionally high, resulting in a 95% client retention rate.

Gentry added, “We’re committed to transforming the market with people-centric software. We think that we have the opportunity to change employees’…normal day-to-day experience in their corporate cultures through our software.”

The firm’s own culture, which has attracted over 2,600 workers and achieved a 95% staff retention rate, is reflected by a quote of CEO Scherr that appears on the wall of its Weston, Florida headquarters entrance: “The true measure of a company is how it treats its lowest paid employee.” Employee benefits include partial ownership of the company, a robust health plan, and the potential for flexible hours (40% of staffers work at home).

Ultimate Software ranked #6 on Fortune Magazine’s June 2015 list of 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials.

In February 2015, Ultimate Software co-authored a Millennial-focused study with The Center for Generational Kinetics titled “Is There Really a Generational Divide at Work? Among its finding were that “43% of Millennials think that they should be able to apply for a job on a tablet, and 39% expect to be able to apply for a job on a smartphone.” You can do both of these things when pursuing a position at Ultimate Software…which Gentry told us is growing at a rate of about 25% and hiring around 600 new people a year.

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Ultimate Software

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