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CHG Healthcare Services is the US leader in “locum tenens staffing,” i.e., rapidly providing physicians temporarily to places around the country that at any given time are short on doctors (e.g., because a local doctor is on vacation, a patient has needs beyond the skills of local doctors, or an area is just perpetually lacking doctors).

This privately held company was founded in  Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979 by doctor Therus C. Kolff, who wanted an effective way to deliver medical care to rural areas in the western US. The company’s services have since expanded to additionally provide permanent placement of physicians, and both temporary and permanent placement of nurses and other healthcare professionals. And while the organization is still headquartered in Salt Lake City, it now also has six other offices around the US, and employs over 1,400 people.

According to Senior VP of Marketing Leslie Snavely,  in 2014 her company’s efforts served the healthcare needs of more than 19 million patients.

CHG Healthcare Services ranked #30 on Fortune Magazine’s June 2015 list of 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. Snavely told us her organization earned its place on the list in part by carefully listening to everyone, regardless of experience. For example, after six months at CHG a worker is interviewed by an executive who asks, “What ideas do you have to make our business better, or a better place to work?” Snavely continued, “It provides a great context for ideas to flow up from our new employees, who can see things that maybe we can’t.”

Naturally, CHG provides superb free health and wellness benefits to its employees. What may be less obvious is that it also gives its workers and their families great deals on travel—because it owns its own travel agency for the sake of continually moving healthcare providers around the country.

Snavely also shared with us, “We get about 17,000 (job) applicants a year—and we end up hiring 500-600 a year…but don’t let that scare you if you’ve got a good story and you’re the right culture fit.”

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